The Shadow Root Trend

We’re going to talk about a Shadow Root; how it started, why it’s popular and how to achieve it! Plus, we’ll talk to two hairstylists to find out their opinion on the shadow root and who it’s best for!

Shadow Roots

As a busy mom of 3, I find myself frustrated at the thought of another 4-hour salon day for highlights & a blowout. That’s it…just highlights and a blowout. I have So Much Hair. Far more than the average person and it’s curly to boot!

Now, I own a salon. If I had a dollar for every person that has said, “you own a salon, how do you not have enough time to get your hair done?” I’d be a very wealthy woman! 

Bellamé Salon

One day at the salon, my stylist brought to my attention, the idea of a shadow root, or a “root drop.” I had never heard of it before and typically I’m up for anything, so we gave it a try. She explained that it would help with extending the time between highlight appointments because my natural root would grow into the shadow root. It’s a technique that allows you to welcome your grow out with open arms by blending your natural root color with your highlights.

Southern Living magazine says; “It makes your roots part of the overall package deal in a gorgeous way, which we can definitely get on board with.”

How it Started

The Shadow Root trend started around the time that the infamous Balayage trend came on the scene. Balayage is a technique in which highlights are painted on in such a way that hair looks more sun kissed than perfectly symmetrical. 

A nice shadow root can create a seamless transition into your perfect balayage.

Why it’s Popular

That’s easy, it’s a simple way to beautifully blend your root color. For me, that means more time between salon appointments! For others, it might mean a way to transition back to their natural color. It’s also very helpful for people who have been heavily highlighted for years who want a change, but nothing too drastic.

Shadow Root Application

What the Experts Say

Olivia Gonzalez, Bellamé stylist says:

“Shadow rooting is a technique used to give a softer look between your natural root and colored hair. We use this technique mainly with balayage, highlights or color melts. It blends all lines of demarcation. Most clients don’t know how important a shadow root can be when wanting a balayage or highlights. It usually isn’t permanent and will brighten up over time after shampooing. You can get a shadow root as little as a quarter of an inch just to help blend highlights and give them a softer and more modern look. Ask your stylist if this will help you achieve the look you are going for!”

Shanai Hawes, Bellamé stylist says:

“I think shadow roots are good for people who want to be really light blonde but need a little depth to make it look nice with their skin tone. It’s also good as an in-between service to help blend grown out highlights. It makes a blonde or even a light brown color look softer.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post and found it educational.

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